Plant based
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Why Plant Based?

For the planet, for your own health, for animals,

Why Not?


To implement a plant based diet is never been that easy, Saucetree is with you along the way; we have Plant Based Sauce, Salad Dressing, chef designed Plant Based Catering, Vegan Light Snacks and the Private Plant Based Dinner Experience, make the road of healthy diet 

Plant Based Sauce

We have more than 15 variants of sauces and salad dressings, make your home-cooking really easy!

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Plant based catering

Sign up our Plant Based Catering, start your heathly diet now.

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Light Snacks

Simply make Vegan Light Snacks at home! Saucetree offers various Vegan Light Snacks in frozen pack!

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Plant Based Dinner Experience

Want to know more about Plant Based? Want to introduce Plant Based Food to your loved ones? Make reservation with us.

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Saucetree is founded in December 2020 by Victor and chef Zeven. 

Basketball brought them together.


Enthusiastic in basketball. The documentary "The Game Changers" opens up a new perspective for him, after reading tons of researches and documentaries about plant based and through self-practice, he is more than certain the benefits plant based diet can bring.

Chef Zeven

Since 2016, chef Zeven has been dedicated his work in plant based food. He believes to implement a plant based lifestyle can do only good to future generations.


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